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Mongolia hides many unique adventure and cultural opportunities! There are the dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert in the south or the treelined mountains, meandering rivers and fresh water of Lake Khuvsgul in the north. There is also the snow-capped peaks of the Altai mountains, Kazakh traditions and eagle hunting in the west or the wide-open steppe and birth place of Chinggis Khan in the east.

Wherever you turn in Mongolia you will not be disappointed. The hospitality of the nomads is incredible & once experienced will never be forgotten. It is a long held & respected tradition for travellers to be taken care of & just like in centuries gone by, you will be welcomed with open arms whoever you are & wherever you may be from.

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  • Miriam Dale
    Far-flung travels and Friendship

    My family and I spent a week travelling with Meg through the Gobi desert – we bumped in our little van across the vast terrain between the Gers where we stopped to stay the night and experience our nomadic hosts’ great hospitality. We saw the Red Cliffs, the Singing Sand Dunes, the Vultures Canyon, and much more. We were fed well and catered for in every way. Beyond all that, however, we also made great friends with Meg and with our driver, so that we left the trip with more than just memories. A great experience.

  • Carrie Sheaffer

    My 3-day tour in September was amazing, and I can’t say enough good things about Mongolia or Meg’s Adventure Tours. Our guide was great, full of interesting history and anecdotes about the places we visited. We had a lot of special experiences and encounters that I believe were due to the relationships that Meg and her team have formed with communities over the years. And Mongolia is phenomenally beautiful, and the people friendly and kind. I would love to go back and spend 3 weeks, because 3 days was not enough.

  • Steve Vincent

    I spent a couple of nights at Meg’s Guesthouse and three days on a custom tour. It would be hard to say enough good things about the tour. I only regret that we didn’t make it a four-day tour, because we had a day to spare. Mongolia is a beautiful place, and our English-speaking guide did a great job of showing us a small part of it. Meg did the planning herself, and conceived an excellent program given the constraints we gave her. Our tour included everything promised, plus many small comforts and kindnesses along the way. My traveling companion and I had such a great time that we’re already planning a return trip, most likely with another friend or two who heard our stories and want to experience Meg’s Adventure Tours (and Mongolia) themselves.

  • Beau Lynn-Miller
    Austin, TX, USA

    I took a 9 day trip through central/northwest Mongolia organize by Meg and surfed with her for 2 days. Everything worked out perfectly on the trip and it cost way less than anyone else. I’ve heard so many horror stories from other travelers in Mongolia and I’m happy to report that none of the things that happened to them (on account of shitty tour operators) happened to me. I would definitely recommend Meg if you’re looking for someone to arrange a trip in Mongolia for you.

  • Gabrielle Clover

    “Personal touch” You can trust that Meg will give the best service. This is where I would recommend anyone visiting Ulaanbaatar to stay. Its a hard city to find decent accommodation, especially at a decent price. In addition to her amazing accommodation, she runs incredible trips. I had the most amazing trip with Meg. We went all around the Gobi, saw incredible sights. Meg has this incredible way of disarming people. She walked into Gers and made everyone feel comfortable and at home. The food was outstanding and Meg was accommodating of any requests we had. I can’t wait to do another trip with her. Gabrielle Clover, traveled with friends.

  • Luke Moller

    Thank you for an amazing six-day tour of the Gobi Meg. We all had a great time – the driver and van were great, the beautiful places superb, guide was fantastic and the people we met were awesome. I can’t thank you enough. I will be in touch for more tours and adventures.

  • Nina Wegner & Taylor Weidman

    I first contacted Meg to help with the logistics of photographing for a book about Mongolian nomads that would take me all over the country. I wanted to find a guide who had experience and connections within herding communities and could put together custom itineraries. Meg did a fantastic job putting together a number of excursions into the countryside that summer, and I’ve continued to work with her on a number of subsequent trips since.

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