Responsible Tourism

Meg undertook research on different charities in Mongolia, mostly involving children and single parents.

Cricket Mongolia – Local Cricket lovers

We were excited to support Cricket Mongolia in 2017-2020 because we could see the great results they were getting and how much fun all the kids were having.

Physiotherapy for children with physical disability

In 2018 Meg’s Adventure Tours sponsored Physiotherapy staff for the 3 day event.

NCADV-National Center Against Violence

of Meg’s Adventure Tours are contributing to our shelter’s activity, making donations to the children, as well as having friendly heart-to-heart discussions with the women living in the shelter.

Single Parents

Support for single mothers has always been an issue dear to me, however, it isn’t one shouldered by women alone


Another way travelers can help with our charity projects is to donate gently used clothes. We use these donations in a myriad of ways. Homelessness in UB is an issue, as in many other cities around the world. The varied paths that lead a person there are numerous, but they all endure the same challenges: […]

Beautiful Paintings

Our belief is that in doing so, we are equipping them with the confidence to boldly move forward with their lives with every ounce of brilliance and talent that they possess.

Rights for Disabled Children: Flash Mob

With reportedly over 30,000 disabled children in Mongolia, we are proud to have
been an official sponsor for this wonderful event.

Hope Hospice

Meg’s purchases make the room warm, colourful and the environment more welcoming for the children. The future plan
is to do more work in this room to assist the children who are suffering from Cancer.

Helping disabled children and their parents

Meg’s Adventure Tours started supporting the association and parents by providing new equipment for the children. This includes a purpose built chair to assist children with Cerebral Palsy improve their sitting ability.