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About Us

 “Meg’s Guesthouse & Tours” is a grassroots Mongolian tour company founded by independent tour guide Meg Erdenekhuu in 2005. Meg’s pride in her country’s history, nomadic culture and landscapes shines through in every tour organized by the company. Since 2005 “Meg’s Guesthouse & Tours” has become one of the most popular tour operators in Mongolia and we still strive to maintain our personal service and that trademark Mongolian hospitality.

Emphasis on Supporting Local Communities100%

Our guides and drivers are experienced in catering for a variety of international visitors to Mongolia. We endeavour to provide a meaningful visit for our clients while also supporting the local communities we visit and their Nomadic culture in a respectful and sustainable manner.  Our biggest hope is that you are able to  experience, learn about and enjoy the daily lives, history, traditions and culture of the people of our fascinating country.

Long-Term Relationships with Local Families85%

 One way that we support the communities in which we travel is by always making an effort to stay with or visit local families. There are some families that we have been visiting for nearly 18 years. “Responsible Travel”, our charity arm funded by the proceeds from our tours, is another way we support these local communities. Through “Responsible Travel” we support people in need of assistance such as people with disabilities, abandoned or orphaned children, single mothers, Cricket Mongolia, Center of Against Domestic Violence and a local hospice.

Personalized Service and Mongolian Hospitality90%

Why Choose Us

With us, visitors experience Mongolian culture and lifestyle in a way that few other groups, large or small, could ever rival due to the close relationships we have built over the years with our host families

We help visitors to meet and understand Mongolia’s different ethnic groups

Visitors have a varied experience of the vast wealth of culture & landscapes Mongolia has to offer

We offer freedom of choice with your itinerary – no fixed packages. A driver and a guide to the places you want to visit

Experience camping in the middle of nowhere, gather round campfires under an amazing night sky or play football with local kids. Have the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Cultural Immersion and Relationships
  • Varied Experience of Culture and Landscapes
  • Ethnic Diversity Exploration
  • Customizable Itineraries
  • Guided Exploration and Adventure
  • Diverse Accommodation Options
  • Experienced Drivers and Guides
  • Responsible Tourism and Social Impact

Tselmeg Erdenekhuu

Founder, Meg’s Guesthouse & Tours

Our Team

Meg officially started her adventure tour company in 2011 after six years working in tourism under the same name as a freelance guide and translator. She completed a semester abroad in Florida and has travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Guiding has lead her to fall  in love all over again with her own country and she’s passionate about promoting positive change in many domestic environmental and social issues. She hires and personally trains employees who are similarly passionate and engaged in local policy. Meg’s altruism comes across in all her tours as she encourages tourists to stay with local nomadic families, which provides a rich experience for both parties as well as supporting local communities. She has long standing, respectful and responsible relationships with the families and drivers that she supports. Running her own business also allows her to fund various charity projects in Mongolia. The more her company grows, the more she can instigate and support these projects.
Her favorite part of Mongolia is The Gobi Desert. She’s fascinated by the geological history and never tires of seeing people’s faces light up as they see it for the first time.

My team and I look forward to meeting you in Mongolia.

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