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Wheelchair for a Nomadic boy

Meg met a lovely family while travelling in Central Mongolia whose oldest 19 year old son Bayaraa* was half paralysed from the age of two due to medical treatment. His wheelchair was broken and he had to crawl around.

The Mongolian government gives disabled people low cost wheelchairs every 5 years.  Bayaraa’s wheelchair had already been broken for 2 years.  Finally, thanks to the help of Meg’s clients, she managed to buy him a wheelchair with funding from the profit made on Meg’s Adventure tours.

Probably due to his disability and loss of confidence Bayaraa was very timid. With Meg’s encouragement and with time, he gained confidence and his ability to mix with others. He’s certainly not shy anymore!

 “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Teresa

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