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Support for single mothers has always been an issue dear to me, however, it isn’t one shouldered by women alone. In the ger districts of UB, ________, a father of two, struggles to support his family after his wife passed away from lung cancer two years ago. With a portion of our proceeds, we provided his children with school materials and some financial support for their education.
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Women who sew traditional Dell clothes were assisted by Meg to continue their work. Most of the women who sew the clothes are either single parents or on low incomes. Meg was in the street one day and got talking to a TV crew who were filming the ladies and explained that they no longer had a working sewing machine to do their work for much needed income. Meg assisted...
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Since Meg loves children, and people in general, she likes to help in anyway she can and by visiting the State Orphanage frequently she can check on what is needed.  On a visit to the orphanage to see the newly built room for 17 children aged from 1 to 4 years, Meg discovered that the children did not have enough clothing. On July 14th2010, with the profits from her tour...
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Helping disabled children and their parents The Association of Parents with Disabled Children (APDC) is a network of parents in Mongolia and founded in 2000 through the grass-roots efforts of parents. The association works to protect the rights of children with disabilit Meg’s Adventure Tours started supporting the association and parents by providing new equipment for the children. This includes a purpose built chair to assist children with Cerebral Palsy...
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