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We have been in the tourism industry for more than 12 years!

Meg officially started her adventure tour company in 2011 after six years working in tourism under the same name as a freelance guide and translator. She completed a semester abroad in Florida and has travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Guiding has lead her to fall in love all over again with her own country and she’s passionate about promoting positive change in many domestic environmental and social issues.

She hires and personally trains employees who are similarly passionate and engaged in local policy. Meg’s altruism comes across in all her tours as she encourages tourists to stay with local nomadic families, which provides a rich experience for both parties as well as supporting local communities.

Meg has long standing, respectful and responsible relationships with the families and drivers that she supports. Running her own business also allows her to fund various charity projects in Mongolia. The more her company grows, the more she can instigate and support these projects.

Her favorite part of Mongolia is The Gobi Desert. She’s fascinated by the geological history and never tires of seeing people’s faces light up as they see it for the first time. My team and I look forward to meeting you in Mongolia.

– Tselmeg Erdenekhuu – Founder, Meg’s Guesthouse & Tour

Our Team

Uyanga (Tour Guide)

Uyanga has been working as a tour guide at Meg’s Adventure tours for 3 years. She is currently studying at a national university and will graduate this year with a degree in foreign relations. Her favorite part of working as a tour guide is experiencing the freedom of the Mongolian countryside, and also getting to meet many people from different parts of the world. When not traveling the Mongolian countryside, she also loves to travel internationally.

Our Drivers

Central to delivering the best possible tour experience possible is the team made up by the drivers and tour guides. Our drivers are professionals, and have many years of experience with the Mongolian countryside and know the land inside and out. Vehicles are maintained in great condition for both safety and reliability.

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