Helping disabled children and their parents The Association of Parents with Disabled Children (APDC) is a network of parents in Mongolia and founded in 2000 through the grass-roots efforts of parents. The association works to protect the rights of children with disabilities and encourages their development and integration into mainstream society.
Meg’s Adventure Tours started supporting the association and parents by providing new equipment for the children. This includes a purpose built chair to assist children with Cerebral Palsy improve their sitting ability. In the future Meg aims to buy more equipment and to help as much as she can to support the hard working, strong parents who care for their children in both the countryside and town locations with APDC.

“Disabled children are equally entitled to an exciting brilliant future” Nelson Mandela

Western Mongolia-Association of Parents with Disabled Children (APDC), Bayan-Ulgii

As Mongolia continues to develop, so too does our awareness of pressing social issues. There exists a dire need to support children with disabilities, especially those located in the rural areas. The Association of Parents with Disabled Children (APDC) is a national organization. They are one of the leading organizations working to provide these children with resources and an education to prepare them for their futures. Their centre in Bayan-Ulgii provides opportunities for therapy and education for the children of the surrounding area. A portion of the profits from our trips to Bayan-Ulgii are donated to the local APDC centre to help provide funding for educational materials, such as stationary and books. This past summer’s trip enabled us to make a donation of $200 and notebooks for the students!

Wheelchair for Enkhtor

Enkhtur has hydrocephalus (water on the brain) since he was 8 years old, which has caused him to loose his vision and his ability to walk, but his brain works just fine. Meg met him in the hospice and she decided to purchase a wheelchair for Enkhtur, as he had none. He is a very smart and special boy with lots of potential. Doctors said that he will only live for 3 to 4 more years even if he is well cared for and loved which is very sad as life can be very unfair for some people. Meg is very happy that she was able to provided another wheelchair from her work for the young charming boy and improve the quality of his life.

Wheelchair for a Nomad

Meg met a lovely family while travelling in Central Mongolia (2010) whose oldest 19 year old son Bayaraa* was half paralysed from the age of two due to medical treatment. His wheelchair was broken and he had to crawl around. The Mongolian government gives disabled people low cost wheelchairs every 5 years. Bayaraa’s wheelchair had already been broken for 2 years. Finally, thanks to the help of Meg’s clients, she managed to buy him a wheelchair with funding from the profit made on Meg’s Adventure tours. Probably due to his disability and loss of confidence Bayaraa was very timid. With Meg’s encouragement and with time, he gained confidence and his ability to mix with others. He’s certainly not shy anymore!

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