Travel Buddy The more the merrier Why not find someone who has the same travel desires as you or is looking to go in the same direction you are? You can find ‘Travel Buddies’ here & perhaps join a tour with other like-minded people and share your travel expenses. The larger the group, the lower your costs will be for the tour , and you may even form new, life-long friendships. We are happy to help you find your ‘Travel Buddies’ with whom you may share the experience of one of “Meg’s Guesthouse & Tours’. However, please choose carefully as we cannot be responsible for the actions, differing personalities, travelling preferences, etc of each individual during the tour. View departing tours!

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3 Day Naadam Festival11/07/202013/07/202010200$View Tours
Day Eagle Festival Oct 202003/10/202009/10/2020101290$View Tours