4 Day – Orkhon Valley

Northern Mongolia is the perfect destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and wildlife.

Trip Info

The richly historic Orkhon river basin is the cradle of Central Asia’s unique nomadic culture which has developed in harmony with the natural landscape and environment since prehistoric times. There are a variety of historic sites and ruins, including monuments, monasteries and temples which are outstandingly beautiful.

On this tour you will see Mongolia’s natural wildlife including Takhi horses, camels, hawks and much more. You will also visit Khar Khorin city (the old capital of Mongolia), venturing into the ‘mini Gobi’ where you will have the opportunity to ride camels and horses.
Entrance fees
3 Meals a day
2 hour horse riding
Mineral water
Tea, Coffee
Local taxes

Responsible Travel

  • As a Mongolian company we prefer to support Nomadic families financially and help improve their lives. We are sure this relates to our travelers who enjoy learning their culture and way of life on the steppe.

    Your travel will support various charities throughout Mongolia that assist single parents, children with disabilities and the environment.

Booking & Pricing

  • Number of traveler
  • 1 person
  • 2 person
  • 3 person
  • + 4 person
  • Price per person
  • $960
  • $520
  • $360
  • $300
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