A guide of things that you will need to pack for your trip to Mongolia.

Packing list

Mongolia is a country of extreme weather conditions. The packing list will vary based on the time of year you visit. For summer, it is rather hot, the evenings can get cool especially in the Gobi and mountains. For winter it is extremely cold.

I would recommend traveling as light as possible and using a good backpack. You can buy everything you need in Mongolia’s department stores and travel shops, but it is good to bring the essentials.

The following is a rough guide of things that you will need to pack for your trip to Mongolia. Although this may not suit everyone’s needs, it can be adapted to personal requirements or the type of trip that you are planning to take.
Shoes suitable for walking / riding
Lightweight shoes
Warm jacket and pullover
Trousers suitable for riding
Long sleeved shirts
Waterproof clothing
Woolen hat
Clothes suitable for the city
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Flashlight for camping (Head lights are very useful)
Spare batteries
Snack food
Water bottles
Pen knife
Plastic bags to protect your items from moisture
Photocopy of passport and other important documents
4 season sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Small pillow or pillow case
Medical pack
Mosquito cream
Common antibiotics
Toilet paper and tissues
Lip balm
Pills for stomach upsets, headache, sunburn


It is a good idea to include small gifts in your packing list, as you will inevitably be visiting local nomadic families in the county. It is polite to offer them some small gifts to show your gratitude in return for their hospitality.
Stickers or balloons or small gifts for kids
Candies and chocolates
Candles & Matches
Carry on photo printer (they will be so happy)
Post card from your home country