Temuulen Charity Projects are named after Meg’s daughter Temuulen because she wants her to grow up as a generous, kind and helpful person through Meg”s example.

Since, there are many social issues in Meg”s country, including poverty and disability, Meg wanted to use her business as a way of contributing to her community to make positive change.  In Mongolia many people are living in poverty on the streets collecting empty bottles and cans, just trying to make enough money to survive, struggling as single parents whose children may be without food for several days. Those children who are disabled or abandoned rely on the generosity of others to supplement what the government can provide.

Meg began by volunteering at the state run orphanage, it made her sad to see many young children without a home or family. Meg hopes these children are adopted before they begin to have childhood memories. Meg enjoys seeing them happy when they receive small gifts. However, without their parents it is apparent that there is sadness in the children”s eyes.Meg undertook research on different charities in Mongolia, mostly involving children and single parents. As a result of the research she has instigated different activities in the past few years including: Donations for the State Orphanage, supplying wheelchairs, donations for single parents, human rights, and the Association of Parents with disabled children. Meg”s family did a volunteering in Malawi, Africa. Meg loves to think of it as only the beginning of her work and is expanding her activities every year where possible.

How you can help
By choosing Meg”s Adventure Tours in Mongolia, you are already helping local communities in need in Mongolia.  A portion of the profits from the company goes to local projects such as these[link to community projects?].

Alternatively, if you wish to contribute to community projects directly through this website, you may donate safely and securely (see link etc). Even small donations make a huge difference.
Donations can include:

  • Blankets
  • Bandages
  • Clothing and shoes
  • School stationery
  • Toys

Or you can email us to find out what items are currently needed. Please fully pay all postage before mailing items [link to donations to a local charity of your choice].

Please join us in 2016 for an unforgettable taste of Mongolian culture while making a great contribution to the world.

Travel that changes lives